Banff Hotels and Resorts

The Rocky Mountains surrounding Banff Alberta are world famous, yet the town itself still is not known to global vacationers who may find it the ideal vacation destination. Hundreds of thousands of visitors visit the town of Banff each year, lured by the comfortable hotels, resorts, and bed and breakfast lodgings, where they embark on a special vacation experience.

Some hotels and resorts in Banff National Park offer stunning views of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and will be a key part of a relaxing vacation for you and your family. After a full day of interacting with this magnificent place, you’ll want some time to rest and recuperate. The rugged beauty, nature, and soaring mountain vistas will be etched in your mind forever and many of the hotels ensure that such views are available from their suites. Several Banff hotels offer exceptional facilities and amenities and they are considered a fundamental part of the culture of the town. Most of the hotels offer run of the mill rooms and amenities, however a few newer and refurbished hotels provide excellent accommodations, some with air conditioning, which you might only need during July and August. It can get warm in the summer.

Banff National Park – A North American Treasure

Besides the clean, crisp mountain air, turquoise water, and unique mountain wildlife, Banff National Park offers endless recreational opportunities for the ultimate Rocky Mountain vacation. Visitors come for the hiking, paragliding, biking, white water rafting, skiing, golf, tennis, canoeing, and other exotic pursuits such as mountain climbing, caving, and relaxing in hot mineral spring baths.

Banff Park is a rugged, very outdoors place and you’ll get to do lots of walking and hiking in the town of Banff and nearby. The clean air you breathe and soft sound of wind in the trees is a very stimulating physical experience. The quietness and stillness of the forests contrasts with the crashing sound of water pouring down several large waterfalls nearby.

The Town of Banff

The town of Banff is becoming very modern. It still has its rustic mountain charm, but several blocks in the downtown area have new 3 story malls, hotels in Banff, with a Victorian style architectural that house shops and restaurants. You can find lots of interesting mementos for your Banff vacation. You’ll also find some exquisite gifts including chocolate, clothing, and arts & crafts with a distinctly Canadian flavor. It’s adventure during the day, great restaurants to dine at in the evening, Banff lodgings, and perhaps a roaring fire to further warm your spirit.

The rest of the town is quiet and peaceful, as you’d expect a small mountain town to be. The Banff hotel and resort are located on the main street of Banff and on a short drive up toward Sulfur Mountain. The Sulfur Mountain Gondola is a cable car ride to an elevation of 8,000 feet. There are two restaurants at the top and the views of Banff and the Rockies are amazing. You can walk back down the mountain if you like.

Within easy driving distance of the town is Lake Louise and Moraine Lakes with their unique colored water. You may not believe your eyes when you see them and the walks around the lakes are a pleasant escape. Johnson Canyon is another amazing Banff vacation spot where you walk on a suspended walkway on the side of a cliff for views of a rushing river that has several high waterfalls.

Banff Alberta has so much to offer that one week will not be enough to see it all. However, your week will be filled with exciting activities, fine dining, and fun shopping to make unforgettable vacation. Although your first choice might be the Banff Springs Hotel, you may want to book a room at one of the premier Banff hotels — The Delta Banff Royal Canadian Lodge or the Charlton Resort which have 4 star quality comfort.

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